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in a bid to free more land for housing the Government is looking to allow property currently being used for business and industrial purposes to be switched to residential use – without the need for planning consent.


the proposal from the Department of Communities and Local Government has been open for consultation on a number of key points including:

* if a change from Class B1 use (offices, research and development, and light industry) to C3 (dwelling house) should be allowed without express planning permission, and if changes from B2 (general industrial use not within class B1) and B8 (storage and distribution) to C3 should be classed as permitted development.

* if the current permitted development rights that allow a change from class A1 (shops) and A2 (financial and professional services) to a mixed use including one residential flat should be widened to allow for more than one dwelling.

* if the Government has identified the full range of possible problems that could arise from widening permitted development rights and what measures might be needed to reduce those problems.

red tape

communities secretary Eric Pickles says: “Many towns and cities have office blocks, warehouse and business parks needlessly lying empty, while housebuilding has fallen to the lowest in peace time history because the planning system has tied developers up in knots of red tape.
“by unshackling developers from a legacy of bureaucratic planning we can help them turn thousands of vacant commercial properties into enough new homes to jump start housing supply and help get the economy back on track.”

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what are your views on these proposals? do you think they are good ideas or could they create problems, for example in commercial areas?
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